Relax in Style

Lift Chairs are a great way to add accessibility to your living room without sacrificing style. Our Line of Golden Lift chairs are just as luxurious as they are beneficial to anyone who needs assistance sitting or standing.

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Lift Chairs

Our Lift Chairs make it easy to sit down and stand up in comfort. It's like an advanced robotic recliner you're guaranteed to love. Stop by our show room and checkout the current lift chairs on display today!

Lift Chairs are Great for

  • Getting up without straining your legs or back.
  • Sitting and standing easily when you have a temporary disability
  • Sunday Afternoon Naps

The "Lift" in Lift Chairs

Lift chairs get their name from the ability to raise up and forward so you can easily stand up from a sitting position or sit down without straining or "plopping" into the seat. 


Made in the USA

Our Golden Technologies Lift Chairs are made with time-tested durablity and pride in the USA